3 secret exercises you can do RIGHT NOW to transform your singing voice

These are 3 exercises that I have personally used - that I will share with you in this video

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Maria Pellicano Director of SingOut Singing & Performance School, trains and coaches singing students by developing their vocal technique, unique artistry,  live performance skills and success mindset skills.

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SINGOUT Concert – Woodstock Theatre Plenty Rangers 

35 Ferres Boulevard South Morang
Oct 1st  5pm - 6:30pm concert 1 & 7:30pm -9:30pm concert 2  

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"I have found my voice feeling much more controlled and I can access my higher vocal register with much more confidence and control."

Anne Salomaa
Singing Lessons

"I’d been to several other singing teachers around Melbourne, but hadn’t made much progress, until when I started with Maria. I really admire her professional approach – she’s very attentive during the lessons. With her help I’ve performed a few times, and have more confidence now on stage."

Nathan Chapman
Singing Lessons

"I have seen huge changes in my life, stream lining my goals, leading to the bigger picture that has evolved in my career & life."

Kirsten Moore
Singer, songwriter, business owner.
Personal Development

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