10 Success Mindset Strategies

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10 Success Mindset Strategies

In this course there are 10 strategies that are the basics to having the fundamentals to a mindset that helps you with having a successful life fuelled by purpose and vision.

Key Takeaways

In this course you will learn to identify and believe in the blue print of your unique greatness and from there you will develop the internal and external communication for creating success. You will learn how to have the skills and techniques to help you know how to maintain and create life that can bring deep meaning.

Learn How to Identify What is Important

With identifying what is important to yourself, you will be able to distinguish areas of value and aspects keeping you stuck in old patterns, helping you to focus on creating a life that can bring deep meaning.

Remove Limiting Thoughts and Patterns

Distinguishing the aspects that cause suffering in life will allow us to remove the limiting beliefs and patterns that are at cause.

Reach Your Full Potential in Life

Find your purpose, create a new vision and a plan to move you towards your heart’s dream and purpose of your life.

Success isn’t about getting everything you want exclusively,
but it’s about the meaning you give to your life even when
things don’t go how you want them to.

Three things cause us suffering in life and take away the sense of personal meaningful success and they are:




Not accepting all that is by resisting causes us to interrupt flow of life, being attached to what isn’t meaningful and everlasting takes away our energy and simply not knowing the power that lies in us will cause us to miss out on opportunities that knock life’s door.


Discover Your Potential

With a deep passion for helping people to discover and share their most authentic and true selves, Maria Pellicano has spent a lifetime exploring voice, message, and mindset, through both her singing and vocal coaching and working with business professionals.

Maria has neatly packaged together valuable lessons, taken directly from live sessions with clients, to create useful and applicable strategies, that can help her clients, listeners, and readers to move forward with their careers, lives and selves, free of charge.

Using a variety of tools and concepts, learn how to gain clarity, purpose and passion within your career, relationships and life with coach Maria Pellicano.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”

Jim Rohn

About Your Coach

Maria Pellicano is known as a communication specialist with Betterup, Public Speaker Coach and Voice Coach for both singers and speakers.

For the past 20 years, Maria has been empowering people to present on platforms with confidence, competency, and certainty by tweaking the voice, mindset, and message to powerfully communicate with influence delivering public speaking training and voice coaching with both business and personal clients.   

As a life-coach, counsellor and meditation teacher, Maria helps people create the lives they want, by sharing tools, techniques and strategies that change her own life. 

Maria has written and published “The Art of Powerful Communication - Aligning your mindset, message.” Maria regularly works with mentoring executives, managers, CEO, and leaders from Fortune 100 organisations, with the focus on improving tonality and to move towards effective and confident public speaking. Maria works with clients to develop a voice that is strong, a mindset that empowers you to be passionate and committed to your calling and a message that is appropriately designed to address the needs of your specific audience, clients, and relationships. Maria has recently delivered “The Engaging Voice” training to VCAT and MCV staff and members, 120 customer services officers at Trivago in Germany and Nissan Doha, helping them use their voices powerfully.

She is a singing teacher and singer, who has published and written 20 original songs and produced 3 albums: Breathe, Your Voice, Shine.


Interactive Book


If you prefer, this course can be bought as an Interactive eBook containing 12 audio tracks:

01. Introduction
02. Your Potential Brilliance
03. How we communicate through the use of language
04. 8 Parts Of Your Life
05. Shaping Moments
06. 6 Core Needs
07. Conscious & Unconscious Mind
08. Beliefs, Values And Rules
09. Identifying Your Goals
10. Setting Goals
11. Taking Action
12. Conclusion

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