Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation

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8 Weeks Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation Course

Learn how to transform your anxieties into courage stress into peace and fears into love and forgiveness with Maria Pellicano Meditation Coach

About your Coach

Maria Pellicano is a trainer, author, singer and speaker.   She is a professional certified coach with the International Coaching Federation.   Maria has a certificate in Holistic Counselling and currently completing her diploma.   She is a level 2 Edisc consultation and also Enneagram profiler.  Maria has completed a mindfulness-based stillness meditation MBSM accredited with  Meditation Association of Australia (formally ATMA).

She focuses on helping people through adverse conflict and challenges, helping them find a confident clear voice and empowering the message to be heard.  

With her experience and qualification in personal development, human voice behavior and mindfulness,  she delivers training by coaching people to discover what is uniquely important to each one for achieving personal peace and contentment, even in turmoil. 

Using mindset strategies and tools each participant will be involved in quiet mindfulness, contemplation and participation by answering questions and reflections. 

In this program,  you will relax, breathe and take away personal reflection and specific strategies that will help you navigate your personal life with more joy and peace, knowing what is in your control and what is outside of your control and influence.

What you will expect from this course

To be more connected to yourself, to others and to the natural world

To increase self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion

To become less judgmental of self and others

To experience uncomfortable/vulnerable thoughts and feelings safely

To develop kindness, compassion and courage

To learn that everything changes; that thoughts and feelings come and go

To experience more calm and peacefulness

To develop resources for facing fear, sadness, anger and grief

To improve mental clarity, concentration, relaxation and sleep

To balance blood pressure and the immune system

To improve energy level and reduce fatigue

You will receive scripted and guided meditation tracks to practice at home

Lovely testimonials

I have enjoyed and gained great benefit by completing a meditation course with Maria Pellicano.  She supported her teaching with weekly updates, guided and scripted meditations, poems and pdf I can use in my own work. Before starting this course I was not clear on the theory of meditation and can appreciate the relevance of knowing this as a basis from which to grow the practice of meditation. I think that at times I have been off track, thinking that meditation was about sitting with my thoughts, to problem solve quietly and coming up with solutions to problems. The more I think about the notion of meditation I liken it to the photosynthesis of a plant- that the breath- is like the transformation of light to oxygen- that in the breathing in and the breathing out what takes place is a sense of ‘expansion’, this expansion radiates and ripples outwards from the internal world, to the external. Within this action and process then there is growth and development of the inner self and like a plant grows, there is an evolution of the human spirit.

A plant does not grow because you tell it to grow, the act of photosynthesis enables it to grow. As human beings we have ‘ intuition’ an internal sense of knowing, that can be sourced from inside ourselves. In order to come to know our own true nature, we need to be still.

The key points for me were:

  • learning about thinking vs awareness and the difference
  • observing thoughts, pain, emotions
  • being still, stillness, the blank wall, the sky, the ever presence - the canvass on which life unfolds
  • Being aware of the way in which emotion impacts the body, physically
  • Pain and the management of pain as another sensation
  • Presence, the breath, watching
  • Forgiveness, the power of forgiveness
  • Letting go, letting go, letting go

Maria, since I’ve been meditating my gut is more healthy. I used to suffer from bloating , gas, irritable bowel. I have been taking herbs too and that helps. The meditation has helped with overeating, cravings for sweets are diminished. I still have upheaval and difficult feelings that I look at with practice of compassion.

But old habits come back sometimes I’m working slowly.  When I’m working and I need to  reach a task with little time the brain goes 100 miles an hour. When I give myself breaks, it helps to get through the hard stuff-I’ve observed that meditation gives me a peaceful break, it does not take long and I fit it into the day. I have a schedule of meditation, yoga, walking. I feel really good.

I’m studying to be a trainer and have spent two days accidentally downloading and filling in the wrong assessment sheet. I can’t believe I did that! Never mind because I’ve started assessments that I will hand in later. It’s taken me nearly two months to get started! I’m really enjoying it. I seem to have energy to set and embrace aspirations. I want to stick to this until I can achieve it. It’s a lot of work! On Friday I presented for one hour and half online to a group of community development diploma students using zoom and a presentation I put together showcasing my work at Council and I had great feedback. I really enjoyed it. I think meditation is helping me and the fact that we have been working from home means there are less options for energy to be scattered- if I had delivered in a classroom setting I would have found it more challenging.

Thanks Maria Pellicano- loving what I’m learning!


Hume Community Officer

I, Pina Brancolino, enjoyed participating in the Mindfulness Meditation facilitated by Maria over 9 weeks. The course was delivered passionately, professionally, methodically and clearly. I looked forward to our weekly meetings via ‘zoom’ learning more about the endless health benefits of mindfulness and meditation. 

There was a different focus every week such as, ‘thoughts’, ‘emotions’, ‘gratitude’ with regular encouragement to practice mindfulness meditation daily in order to pause and allow awareness and presence to come alive, by focusing on your breath and sound without judgement. Each week, Maria patiently took us through at least 2 meditations with her very calming voice and tone. There was a great balance between meditation mindfulness practice and explanation. 

So much valuable and inspirational information, poems, scripts and mindfulness meditation exercises were shared and emailed to us. There have often been opportunities to ask questions, share thoughts and provide feedback. I have been practicing meditation and mindfulness every day and have noticed that I’m more relaxed and centered, valuing that stillness and appreciating the many blessings I have in my life amidst all the unrest in the world. 

I highly recommend that you consider participating in a Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation course facilitated by Maria. There are endless benefits to your physical and mental health which will allow you to grow as a person in your pursuit for inner peace. 

I look forward to participating in more, Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation courses facilitated by Maria in the future.   

Pina Brancolino

I attended Maria Pellicano's meditation course. Her way of explaining and demonstrating the concepts is so relatable and understandable. As she runs through the course, you can see how it is a personal journey and passion for her. What she is teaching, she is living each day.  She supplied guided meditations, scripts, poems and weekly updates to help with home practice. 

I now have a taste of how meditation can impact the way I see life and situations, as well as providing a much greater depth in presence, self and connection. It's something that I now want to explore and dive so much deeper into.

Karen Harding
Accountant and Singer Songwriter

I attended Maria Pellicano meditation program and found it to be a profound experience. I have never experienced meditation before in any setting but found it to be exhilarating. Maria makes you feel so at ease and it’s not complicated at all. It’s all about just letting go and giving it a chance. She supported my experience and practice with guided meditations and weekly updates.  I learnt so much about meditation and myself. It is all about being in the moment ‘right now’ and all of the other stuff we worry about just isn’t important. It has opened my eyes to self-awareness and taking away all judgement and over thinking things. I would highly recommend this program.

Christine Tarquinio
IT Specialist and Singer Songwriter

What a wonderful session we had today, thank you. The ladies were all so happy and relaxed when they left.  You are doing a wonderful job giving these carers so many strategies to cope with there complex  journeys and each session is getting better and better. Looking forward to our next one in March.

Frances Gammino
Carer Support Group Facilitator | Interchange Outer East is a registered NDIS provider
This course couldn’t have come at a better time for me , after my daughter passed away from cancer I was obviously suffering from anxiety and trauma . The mindfulness course has given me some fabulous tools to be able to de stress and find some peace.

Maria Pellicano made the course easy to follow and her kind non judgmental manner , made it a safe to be honest and easy to learn the techniques.

Anne-Marie Thomson
Hair Dresser Trainer

I had the  the pleasure of meeting Maria when she was coaching me The Art of Powerful Voice and Communication in October 2019. While working with Maria l didn’t have a quiet mind, always stressed and very anxious which made it harder for me in learning to move forward. Months later Maria ask if l would like to participant in a Nine week Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation on Sunday nights. Why not .. 

I really enjoy it! thou l thought l would fine it hard  having a busy mind and no stillness in my work and life.  Thanks to Maria  leadership and compassion in giving me tools,l have became more aware of my thinking patterns and noticing my thinking mind. I have manage to be more mindful in my everyday to meditate, this has helped me to control my stress levels  and anxiety. I am forever grateful to have been introduced to meditation and highly recommended Maria to lead “Mindfulness Base Stillness Meditation.

Maria Casabene
Hairdresser and Fashionstylist

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